Claims Adjusters, Attorneys, & Nurse Case Managers

Claims Adjusters, Attorneys, & Nurse Case Managers

East Bay Functional Restoration is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art multidisciplinary functional restoration program that opened in 2002 and is wholly owned and operated by IPM Medical Group, Inc.

Located in Walnut Creek, CA, EBFR offers two levels of programs for injured workers (provided in both English and Spanish). After evaluation and consultation with PTP, we will make recommendation as to which program is the best fit:

  1. Functional Restoration Program – most intensive level (three days per week, 6.5 hours per day, for 21 sessions/7 weeks) for multidisciplinary PT, pain psychology, medication/medical, and vocational management; followed by 3 months of once per week Aftercare. Patient returns to PTP for medication/medical management after the 7 week intensive phase, or as scheduled by PTP.
  2. For patients living at a distance, hotel and transportation is arranged and a four or five day per week program is provided.
  3. Pain Coping Skills Group – once per week for 1.5 to 2 hours for 10 weeks; patients participate in psycho-educational group for training in cognitive-behavioral techniques for pain and stress management. No PT/exercise included.

Insurance Information
EBFR accepts all Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers. Please contact EBFR
Administrator Cindy Clay or Program Director Howard Rome, Ph.D. if there any questions (925-482-8111); or fax referral information (925-482-1166).

Referrals to EBFR
After receipt of authorization, an initial screening evaluation is performed by one of EBFR’s five doctoral level pain psychologists; followed, as indicated, by PT evaluation and/or Pain Physician (PM&R) evaluation. After team conference (including communication with PTP, NCM), a multidisciplinary report is provided outlining the treatment plan and requesting authorization.

Tracking Progress
EBFR strongly believes in evidence based outcomes. For each participant we provide objective measures of functional, psychological, and medication/medical progress in EBFR progress reports over the course of the program. We invite Nurse Case Managers to our weekly multidisciplinary team conferences. (Wednesdays 3 pm).

For further information please call EBFR Administrator Cindy Clay or Program Director Howard Rome, Ph.D. (925-482-8111); or fax referral information (925-482-1166).

Thank you for asking EBFR to assist in the rehabilitation of your patient.