Comments from EBFR Graduates

Comments from EBFR Graduates

“I am thankful to all the EBFR staff for helping me learn ways to cope with my pain so that I can move forward with a positive outlook. The education about my injury and techniques to deal with my emotions and stress are so important. My wife has noticed a big change and I know I am being a better husband and parent than before being at EBFR. The amount of support from everyone was really great. I could not have made so much progress without this help. They helped me set and accomplish my goals to build my strength and endurance and they really kept me motivated. I can move so much better and I can do so much more, even though I still have pain.” (Session 52, 2014)

“I feel very positive about my experience at East Bay Functional Restoration. Having information about the physiology of pain has given me an understanding of how chronic pain affects the brain, emotions, and the body. The education about chronic pain, the mind/body connection, and safe exercise has improved my attitude about my pain and what I can accomplish. An important part of the program for me was working with my individual psychologist and being with a group of people who similar problems and can understand what I am experiencing. After years of living with pain I felt hopeless and alone, but now I am optimistic about my future.” (Session 52, 2014)

“I wish I had found this program sooner. I was scared to start and I really didn’t think I would be able to do much. To come into this building in pain and be greeted by enthusiastic, supportive, and knowledgeable staff, made me want to be a part of it too. It was hard work, but I got so much out of the program. It was helpful to see other people who were also in pain and to see everyone improve. I learned how pain affects every part of my life, not just my body and I learned ways to manage my pain and emotions with more than just medications. My life is much better and I know I will continue to use everything I learned in the program.” (Session 34, 2010)

“This program and the staff changed my life in the best way possible. I can’t say enough about the staff; they made me feel like family. At EBFR they understood that my pain was not “all in my head”. My strength, endurance, and ability to work and socialize have all improved greatly. My emotional state is also much improved and I am grateful for every part of the program.” (Session 35, 2011)

“Mi impresión general del programa fue una experiencia muy positive porque me ayudo a controlar mi dolor y depresión. La mejor parte del programa es el apoyo que te brindan para poder vivir con dolor. En el programa tienen todo lo necesario y es un equipo de personas muy profesionales.” (Sesión 35, 2011)

“Ahora cualquiera que me preguntara sobre el programa, se lo recomiendo muchísimo, para mí fue excelente. La mejor parte era el Tai Chi, meditaciones, y ejercicio. Todos han sido especial conmigo!” (Sesión 50, 2013)