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Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

The FCE program at IPM Physical Therapy is a part of the WorkSTEPS national network of providers who offer Functional Employment Testing services.

The FCE is a full body comprehensive medical test used to measure an employee’s functional capacity and assist in injury management, whether the injury was sustained while at work or existed previously. For injured workers, the test answers the question, “Are they safe to return to work and at what level?” For those on long term disability or those who cannot return to their previous job a FCE answers the question, “What can this person safely do?” This objective process is very successful in reducing the cost of claims, weeding out unreliable and invalid subjects, and closing out protracted claims.

An FCE report will give raw data and analysis of all tests with recommendations for safe capability to return to full or modified duty with listed modifications recommended based on the test results. Recommendations for additional services can be included as appropriate. It will tell whether or not an individual is giving maximal safe effort, whether they are symptom magnifying, or showing inappropriate illness behavior.

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