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East Bay Functional Restoration


3 Levels of Programs

All new patients start with an evaluation to determine which program level is appropriate.

Three levels of programs are available for chronic pain patients. Programs also offered in Spanish by EBFR Spanish speaking staff.

Pain Coping Skills Group – Level 1 (lowest intensi…

  • Patients participate in the 10 session Pain Education and Coping Skills Group led by one of our pain psychologists. The group meets once per week for 2 hours of group education and counseling (ten weeks).
  • In a supportive classroom-style atmosphere, patients learn cognitive-behavioral techniques to manage pain and stress, including alternative non-medication strategies for coping with pain; cognitive behavioral techniques to manage depression, anxiety, anger; understanding the mind/body linkages; healthy lifestyle changes to facilitate healing from chronic pain and injury (exercise, diet, pacing, mindfulness, managing pain medications to avoid addiction).
  • The psychology staff is highly skilled at directing group interactions to insure a positive,
    supportive, and therapeutic environment in which to learn and practice skills necessary for healing.
  • We accept many private insurance plans, Workers’ Compensation, and Medicare.

Early Intervention Program – Level 2 (mid-level intensity including PT)

  • Patients participate in ourPain Education and Coping Skills Group as described above.
  • Patients also participate in an individually tailored and structured group Physical Therapy program led by one of our physical therapists.
  • The treatment team (PT and pain psychologist) coordinate care with the treating physician in regular team conferences.
  • Length and intensity of the program varies from 5 to 15 weeks depending on patient needs.
  • Appropriate for patients with more recent injuries and low to moderate symptom severity.
  • Workers Compensation and some private insurance plans accepted.

Functional Restoration Program – Level 3 (highest intensity)

  • 7 week (20 sessions) intensive multidisciplinary injury rehabilitation program. Patients attend 3 days per week (M,W,F) from 8:30 AM to 3 PM. (See Program Description for details). Rehabilitation activities include: PT supervised physical reconditioning, body mechanics, postural training, work simulation activities, behavioral pain management training, group and individual cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, vocational counseling, and medication optimization (may include opioid detox) with EBFR Team Physician. Goals are optimal function with decreased reliance on medications and medical interventions; return to work; maximum medical and psychological improvement.
  • Appropriate for more severe and disabling injuries.
  • Limited to Workers’ Compensation insurance.

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